Build Your Own Waterfall Pond!

Comprehensive Guide and Tips

Are you dreaming of creating a stunning, low maintenance, waterfall pond which would provide years of enjoyment and pleasure?

Are you searching for right fish care or algae control?

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I feel confident saying you are in luck, because here you'll discover the best expert advice and information about pond designs, pond waterfalls, construction, plants and winter care and much more...

My Own Experience!

Many years ago I was searching for answers too.

It was June of 1995 when my wife said to me: "I want a waterfall pond and a garden!"

"I don't know anything about it, I replied!"

She said it again: "I don't care I want a pond with a waterfall!"

I love my wife and didn't want to get her upset, but I sincerely knew nothing about how to build a waterfall pond.

The only choice I had than to acquire as much information about a pond and pond waterfalls as I needed to start construction.

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So I spend a little money to buy books to learn about building a pond with a waterfall and to get some professional advice.

I also visited many websites and a few life gardens, where I examined different pond and waterfalls designs.

Two months later I was ready to commit myself to start building waterfall pond and learn on mistakes.

Success It Is!

By July of 1996, my wife had her wish come true, and this is what we have today.

Creating our own pond with waterfall and a garden was the most rewarding improvement of our home.

Mesmerizing sounds of cascading water, reflection of the sky on the surface, tranquil fish movement, plants, and wild life habitat offers more than we ever expected.

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My wife and I became passionate about water gardening by accident.

Sharing of hands-on experience is an invaluable source of information in the practical ownership of a pond.

Throughout this site you'll find great information on how to build a pond with waterfall based on our experience.

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Pond Waterfall
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Waterfall Construction
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