Waterfall Construction!

Waterfall construction will not be difficult if you create construction materials list before you begin. Purchase all or most of it. It will save you time and efforts.

Examine the steps I took in my waterfall construction and consider some or all of the information in your construction.

While digging, I pushed some of the dirt to the side for the waterfall.

Before I began my construction, I thought, if I place the Bio-Filter behind this pile of dirt, it could become my waterfall tank and could allow me to create 20 feet of waterfall steps. The water, flowing from step to step would travel back to the pond.

For the construction of the waterfall bio-filter, I chose a housing that is 28” wide x 52” long x 24” tall and has a 3” lip at the top. It holds 100 gallons and rated at 1,800 GPH. But by mounting three outlets, I was able to achieve a flow rate up to 3,500 GPH.

After prepping backside of the dirt mound, I build a waterfall bio-filter housing foundation with cinder blocks. The filter housing had to be secured or any pressure would push it right of the blocks. To support the backside of the waterfall and 100 gallons bio-filter, I got 10 round fence posts from a local farm store. (They look like boat pier pilling but much smaller).

Immediately behind the bio-filter housing, I began to dig a trench 30” deep. Once the depth was achieved, I buried 10 round fence posts, but in such a way that the center of the bio-filter would be accessible. To make it stronger, I nailed them together with 8” nails. And to make it attractive I trimmed each post.


Satisfied with the construction of the back section of the waterfall, I began to focus on water flow design. Due to the waterfall construction budget restrains, the pond skimmer wasn’t a part of my design and I ended up using submersible water pump instead. Obviously, the pump placed on the bottom would pick up unwanted debris. To avoid potential problem, I bought protective pump enclosure.

Next I ran 2” clear plastic tubing between the pump and the filter. To make the tubing less visible, I ran it through the hidden, underground conduit.

Take a look at this picture. My waterfall construction is wrong. I placed the rubber liner where the waterfall steps will be, but everything looks flat.


I needed to create a waterfall channel that would keep water from spilling over. I figured I should finish the steps first, than, to make it waterproof, elevate and reinforce the sides by padding with dirt and stones.

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For the construction of the waterfall steps, I ordered one pallet of mixed stones and half pallet of large flat stones. One by one, large, flat stones began to assemble in sequence that would allow water gently run from step to step and into the pond. Satisfied with the waterfall layout, I was ready to finish it.

I bought an expandable sealant. This product is used as an insulator, is watertight and can act as glue. I applied the sealant between each flat stone. I know I applied too much but I wanted to make sure that every crevice of the waterfall was filled. It certainly made quite a mess.

If you sprinkle some dirt before sealant hardens, it will look natural. I didn’t do it. Later my wife cut the access and painted with stone matching paint. When she was done it looked really good.



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